A new story
with an
ancient flavour.


It all began over a century ago. It was 1850 when our ancestors began to devote themselves to the production of extra virgin olive oil .
Neolio products are the result of that tradition, handed down from generation to generation.
A precious heritage of which we are proud and have made treasure, respecting and renewing it every day with a sense of gratitude and spirit of innovation. But also many things have remained utterly unchanged in all this time, beginning with our promise to preserve the biodiversity of the agricultural landscape and to protect the plants of strategic importance for our supply, such as the olive trees themselves.

We continue to cultivate every day the same excellence that our ancestors put into their oil business.

Faithful to the traditions of the past, today our production looks to the future, making the most of technological innovation to ensure high production standards and offer certified products of the highest quality.

Our certify products DOP, IGP and BIO, comes from the effort of years of producing and trading only high quality products Made in Italy. 

Our bond with the land goes further.


Located at the uplands of the Maremma Toscana .

In this area of the Tuscan countryside, not far from the sea, the clayey and rich skeleton soil create the ideal habitat for growing  olive trees. They produce a golden yellow oil with a unique slightly spicy aroma and combined with a low acidity are the characteristics of this unique taste of this extra virgin olive oil. 

The favourable climate and fertile soils make the extra virgin olive oil produced in Tuscany one of the most appreciated products in Italy and worldwide.

The main varieties cultivated by us and accepted by the Tuscan IGP specification are Leccino, Frantoiano, Pendolino, and Moraiolo,.

Co working with the Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

Focused only on the top Italian products certified DOP and IGP, from 2012 we include to our products the  Balsamic Vinegar Of Modena . The Balsamic Vinegar of Modena (Aceto Balsamico di Modena) production area, according to tradition and in compliance with current regulations, corresponds to the provinces of Modena and Reggio Emilia. In this area there is an abundance of grapes with just the right concentration of sugars and acidity.

The Modena and Reggio Emilia areas have a typical semi-continental climate, tempered by the influence of the nearby Adriatic Sea. The winters are cold, with average temperatures around 2°C, the summers are hot and humid, with temperatures reaching as high as 35°C. Autumn and spring temperatures are very mild. These conditions favour the development of the native acetic flora, which determines the maturation and ageing process of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena (Aceto Balsamico di Modena). 

Only signs High Quality.
Inside each of its products you will find all our Italian excellence.

For us, loving the world of oil also means preserving its habitat and respecting its cycles.


Olive oil is very good for you because it's rich in nutrients.


Each Neolio product is 100% Italian in style, authentic in flavour and premium in quality.

Those who choose Neolio always have the certainty of what they bring to the table every day.

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