For us, extra virgin olive oil is not just a simple condiment, but the noblest of the ingredients of Mediterranean cuisine.
It is a superior quality oil, obtained from the first pressing of the olives through cold mechanical extraction that preserves all their precious organoleptic and nutritional properties.
It is a healthy and nutritious food, rich in polyphenols and vitamins, essential for the daily well-being of every person.

For years we have been producing Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the blended variety, which means by using a combination of different olive types, all of which grow in our hundred year old olive groves. Specifically, the following varieties are included:


The olives must be gathered directly from the tree by hand, using mechanical means or by stripping the branches . Before being pressed, the olives must be washed with water at room temperature and must not undergo other treatments. To extract the oil only mechanical and physical processes must be used so as not to change the fruit’s qualities in any way.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil ,the main ingredient of Italian culture.

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