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NEOLIO at the Organic & Natural 

in Dubai. December 3-5,2019

Dubai Convention & Exhibition Centre

We where proud to participate in such an iconic landmark as Dubai Convention & Exhibition Center, where Neolio's Extra Virgin Olive Oil was very appreciated by the visitors.

UAE  holds the position as the third largest re-exporter in the world, with over $546 Billion worth of goods, and Neolio is part of it.


NEOLIO  at  PRODEXPO in Moscow, Russia. Feb 10-14, 2020

Expocentre Moscow


Prodexpo: a major international show of food and drinks in Russia and Eastern Europe

Prodexpo features foodstuffs from across the globe, from essential food and beverages to exquisite speciality as well as organic, sport and healthy food, halal, kosher, and exotic products.

It is for Prodexpo manufacturers plan the launch of their new products, trademarks, and brands. Up to 14% of novelties are annually presented at the trade show.

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