How To Use Olive Oil With Food

Updated: Jul 17


Extra virgin olive oil is a perfect companion for meats given its peppery qualities. Whether sautéing chicken or dressing a steak, olive oil will bolster the rich, mesquite flavours we know and love. Finishing red meats with a robust olive oil can make a world of difference for a food that is already so rich in flavour. Try drizzling olive oil on steak, lamb and pork for a flavour explosion. For poultry, sautéing chicken or duck in olive oil can crisp the edges and lock in flavour.


Extra virgin olive oil and fish are staples of the Mediterranean diet. Many varieties of extra virgin olive oil work well with fish, but the more delicate the better. We recommend Neolio Fusion.


Nothing complements a delicious bowl of pasta more than a flavorfully extra virgin olive oil - a concept as old as Italian cuisine itself - and a premium Italian extra virgin olive oil will do just the trick. An obvious choice for pesto, another excellent way to use extra virgin olive oil with pasta is as a finishing oil, lightly drizzled over the final dish just before serving, to experience a gourmet restaurant taste right at home in your own kitchen. In fact, an oil packed with fruitiness and pungency provides enough flavour for simply dressing freshly cooked pasta noodles with nothing more than parmesan cheese and freshly cracked pepper. Delizioso!


Countless soups - including chowders, bisques and stews - are perfect for garnishing with olive oil. Not only does it intensify the flavours but it also adds a little pizzazz since the oil usually floats in mini green puddles on the top of the broth.


A section about olive oils and vegetables is a bit silly given it’s the oldest combination in the book. The most common use for olive oil is to drizzle it on salads. Sounds easy enough, but it’s worth mentioning that specific varieties work differently with different types of salads. Greek olive oil works well on Greek salads of tomato, cucumber and feta cheese, while robust Italian oils work well on bitter greens such as arugula, endive or broccoli rabe. If grilling, lightly coat the vegetables before grilling to prevent sticking and then drizzle with your favorite oil once ready to eat.


Olive oils are rarely touted for their strengths with fruits (minus the “fruit or vegetable” argument for tomatoes and cucumbers), but there is one tried and true strength. Fruit salad, when dressed in Koroneiki or the more obvious orange-infused olive oil, works quite well and enhances and harmonizes the sweetness of the dish.


An excellent flavour combination common in the Mediterranean diet is that of extra virgin olive oil and protein-rich pulses, also known as legumes. Common pulses such as black eyed peas, chickpeas, lentils and broad beans can be significantly elevated in flavour by simply dressing the cooked legume of choice with a fruity extra virgin olive oil and light balsamic.

Snacks & Desserts

The most common olive oil snack is simple: bread and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Many people learn the flavour complexities of olive oil through dipping, and it sure makes for an easy appetizer for any gathering. However, there are other less common ways to snack with olive oil that are worth exploring.

Drizzling olive oil on popcorn, for instance, is an undervalued delicacy. The peppery qualities of olive oil do wonders for plain, white popcorn, especially for snackers who prefer to stay away from butter.The Neolio IGP Toscano is perfect for those searching for a flavour enhancer or butter replacement.

Also intriguing and gaining in popularity is drizzling olive oil on ice cream. Yes… ICE CREAM. Try the Neolio BIO over your next bowl of vanilla frozen yogurt, ice cream or sorbet.


“Olive oil and alcohol? Are you crazy?!” is the average shock response we get to the idea of combining the two. Mixologists around the country have included olive oil in special martinis and Bloody Marys, and some have even created completely new concoctions.


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