Extra Virgin Olive Oil Chilli Red Peppers flavour


The oil flavored with chili is not a simple seasoning, but a " real must” of traditional Mediterranean cuisine, the result of the perfect combination between the extra virgin olive oil and the extract of this much loved and lively spice.


Its spicy notes and intense and daring flavor give strong character to every specialty and dish. It is definitely the ideal seasoning for soups, soups of legumes and fish, grilled vegetables, sauces, pasta, pizza "alla diavola", grilled meat and cacciatora pasta.



√ Extra virgin olive oil 99%

√ Chili extract 1%

√ Packed in bottle type UVAG

√ Store at a temperature of 10 to 20 degrees, away from light and heat sources

√ Produced in a bottle of 250 ml.




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