Extra Virgin Olive Oil Rosemary flavour


The oil flavored with rosemary is a seasoning that enriches with spontaneity and joy the typical dishes of Italian cuisine, obtained from the Union of extra virgin olive oil to the extract of needles of this spontaneous herb that grows Lush in the Mediterranean scrub.


Thanks to its intense and slightly pungent taste, the rosemary seasoning is perfect for flavoring dishes based on legumes, buns, grilled and roasted meat, grilled fish, chicken and baked potatoes, giving each course its touch of irresistible delicacy.


√ Extra virgin olive oil 99%

√ Rosemary extract 1%

√ Packed in bottle type UVAG

√ Store at a temperature of 10 to 20 degrees, away from light and heat sources

√ Produced in a bottle of 250 ml.




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