Extra Virgin Olive Oil Biologic

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Biologic


Organic Extra virgin olive oil Neolio is the ultimate expression of Italian quality and respect for our wonderful territory. It is a unique product from every point of view: for the method of natural cultivation of olives without the use of chemicals, for the collection entirely handmade and for the type of extraction that preserves all its properties.


Obtained from the pressing of Leccino and Carboncella cultivars, it is an extra virgin with a balanced character, with a harmonious balance of herbaceous and spicy notes that make it particularly suitable for both cold and hot dishes.


√ Cold extracted

√ Top nutritional value

√ Pressure-free drop hydrophilic cotton filtration

√ Packed in a dark glass Doric bottle

√ Available in Lt 0,750 – Lt 0,500 – Lt 0,250 formats

√ Store at a temperature of 10 to 20 degrees, away from light and heat sources


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